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Why should you use 99Pledges?

Reach more donors. Do less work.

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Fun Runs, walk-a-thons, and other "a-thons"


Schools that use 99Pledges raise 50-200% more than paper while virtually eliminating the work. Reach Grandma in Alaska and stop chasing down pledge forms today.

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Reach More Donors

Raise 50-200% by going online. Your students can now reach family all over the World. 

Reduce the work

Save time for you and your parents. Stop chasing down pledge forms and checks. 

Completely Risk Free

You keep >90% of the proceeds - absolutely no upfront costs, minimums or other charges.

Go Live Whenever You Want

We'll do all of the set-up for you (and for free). We can go live today.

THANK YOU so very much. I am quite certain that we will use 99Pledges again for our event next year. Thank you again.


Delphi Academy

We are way beyond expectations for the first year. The board is blown away on how easy it was to raise that money.


Lower Christian School

I am already thrilled with this method and have easily forwarded it to Benji's relatives, all of whom live out-of-state and wouldn't otherwise be asked to pledge.


Lincoln Elementary

These schools raised thousands more by going online:

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